Vancouver Translation

Once more, without feeling

We plastic the trees, rubber the plants.

My allotment of veneer. But abstract yourself. Upload it. 3.99

How to state the elsewhere of here. In the room, we've replicated a jail house, a mansion, a school.

Once more, without feeling

Inside. How we emulate the look of elsewhere and be here, this shot for cum, this shot for him, this shot for you. You imagine yourself outside of yourself watching yourself.

Inside, how do I make do looking like elsewhere. How can I look like me, emulated. Putting latex to slip. Motions set for cameras, for third walls, for you. Not a failed statement of beauty, but a unique answer to a specific question of coping.

How can he afford the glitter bedrooms. Gay for pay, pay for stay.

Fail feeling.

Once more, without feeling

Q: Can you turn towards the camera?
A: Sure.
Q: What can't I afford?
A: Oral.
Q: Could you move to the east? A little further?
A: Yes.
Q: How may I fit into the question?
A: Become veneer.
Q: How does this feel?
A: Block the surface with glitter, time is money, money is time, you are here.
Q: Are these unique responses to specific questions?
A: Is this better?
Q: How do I make me less abstract?
A: Shave, oil, repeat.
Q: How much will be allotted, and to whom?
A: Connoisseurs emulate the look of the abstraction.

Once more, without feeling

In the larger wood of home, the camera lights begin to swelter the air, sweat becomes the exclamation point, we begin and end, begin and end, focus the energy, fluff the rest, stay on the grid.

This is the emulation of elsewhere, a little westward, a little to the east, could you? Could you hold it, could you wait, the cumshot is later in the scene. He bears the scene, we question masculinity, redefine it in the same structure. How to tree under the city and the veneer of it.

Not failed attempts at beauty or stating. Failed attempts at making, at making, at making. We are the skin beneath our feet. Make sure to wipe them clean, the camera sees. I don't know you. Make it full, the reminiscence.

He can't afford the questions of glass.

Daniel Zomparelli



A friend.