Vancouver Special

Carol whenever Carol

and roof top forever too far bananas

Rick Astley won't come down he's calm though

as club soda filled with bananas

Enough beautiful armpits of failure

whenever she made a sandwich

a thousand steel college boys lifted her up

so high you could see her knickers

she made a sandwich and everyone she knew

sent her flowers including her tycoon brother Alfie

who used to tie her dolls to his bike and drive up and down

the icy driveway mimicing Hitler or Darth Vader or Alice Cooper

"Stop it Kevin!" she would scream.

Soon she would be the one giving the orders.

Soon she would be won lasagna odours.

Soon she would gravel and brick and knee-tear

because of all the overwhelming applause from the sofa

Just because she made a fucking sandwich

They turned off Jersey Shore and the Deleuze home shopping network

Just because she made a sandwich and put parsley in her cat's hair

She did those things and the steel mill college boys who bought her

ice cream once as a lawn dart lark applauded

and Carol was fully clothed with the clothes that she chose on her own

Brighton Avenue spawned a monster 124 days before

Halloween's grandmother gave birth to Halloween Jr..

Ray McClaghlan Jr.



Just dropped some acid in Etobicoke. Hope you are all real nice people.