city of reFlections

city           scape                     surFaces.          

a mist of questions.         at the foot of mountain

atTempts at stating beauty                           fAil.           

vaCant lot.



      into an equation

of stucco.          to reStore the look of        elsewHere

into a little further.           less alLotted      homesick

bite              into the beckoning blue.           become  

foRest  for the city           of           reFlections.


 or shall  we stick to better surfaces?   concrete 

higher and higher.                  self eRased 

                                                      well serViced.

homeless          and  all that gLitters

       side by side.

shall we stIck to being  surfaces? wood   at best

say just because                    to specific questions.

mouth unique answers            to replace  the trees.

make an East           and a West.                 to test           

riSing mortgage waters                    that comPound 

our shores.          how the mortGage will           look 

out      for us           

                    with feeling.

                                        will look us           up

and dOwn.                               deforested.      how

passer by.                 afford a           less abstrActed

 self.          looked                           but not in the eye.

add            what  shocks                     the equation—

the lawn           the break neck pAce          the sophistication—

then            reCycle madly  for sCraps of            grace.

daniela elza



Daniela Elza has lived on three continents and crossed numerous geographic, cultural and semantic borders. Her work has been published in more than fifty literary and peer-reviewed publications. In 2011 Daniela received her doctorate in Philosophy of Education from Simon Fraser University and launched her first e-Book, "The Book of It."  Daniela’s poetry collection "the weight of dew" is forthcoming with Mother Tongue Publishing (March, 2012). She lives in Vancouver.