i heart east lane so much 
love that sign with the cross that's really
an advertisement for a store

it reminds me of a tweet i made once
you wouldn't get it 

if you weren't there the day they started the internet

i am unique, you know which is
code for asshole
i'm not nuclear family no. 1, no. 2 or no. 3.

look at my plaid shirt 
i got it at a vintage store because that
is east van
what the hell is east van

i am not a glass surface
i am matte
but i am not stucco stuck with bubblegum and earth either

the gentrificators of the west side don't know how the bark grows

i'm white but i've seen some aboriginal art
i am cultured
i know that worms continue to grow when they are sliced in half

i don't need a king-size bed
just an old mattress on the ground will suffice
if my parent's ask, tell them i have a four-poster
they are always buying me stupid things that make me look

and fyi, i don't need capital letters to feel like a man
i am a chimera equation
figure that out when you are sipping lattes in the green-themed starbucks
that i only go to because it's close to my
vancouver special

i am constantly ungaurd
for the new upsuption of hipster sheek
i heard quinoa was uncool and moved on
i got all the right lingo
i was wrong before i am glass table