Killarney-Fraserview Rebuild 2015

Killarney-Fraserview Rebuild 2015

a hijab or turban is not a failed attempt at beauty
and humanity is the unique answer to a specific question:
                                                                    do all lives matter?
we have representational leadership diversity  
of faces, of faiths, of creeds, of colours, of castes --
or so it would seem, if all that has transpired
is not a dream; do I believe in this
                                                                   second coming?  
can the past inflexibility be softened?  
will the "old stock" welcome the new?  
even when they don't look like
(whatever that is supposed to mean)
how much land will be allotted,
and to whom? can we afford to embrace
the looks from elsewhere?  
or is our empathy just all that glitters  
                                                                   stuck in the surface?
could they move back to the east? a little further?
or could we move over to make space
in this seeming infinite place  
we claim as home
                                                                   or hope?

Don Chang



deserter from the litigious wars, now teaching