Vancouver Special: Subdivided into Rental Units

real estating failed growth-op

unique dishwasher banks for robbery question

how to couverture chauffeuse

how to couver the hood of my family  

~ Meredith Quartermain

titubanti iridescent bubbles; 

 9-5, speculators punch the pop.

the perpetual notion machine, 

an opera of nation to harvest

the rocks for our use. definitions

extend the nell in the glottal stops.

colony is what's outside self and car.

provincialismo is pin and head of the hinge 

vs. all other swings. do we shop for swamps?

real estating failed growth-op 

oh zucchero, i dolori dei tummykins.

what we abrade from the plates is the

swill of a lifetime for pigs, becoming pork 

for the line of the factory rinds, machine-closed barks

to the service stations as salt and cent harvests. 

but bought means fair, retroactively. facial expressions 

are illegible even with police force of 85 points. the coils 

the rollers of their rivers are indigestion.

unique dishwasher banks for robbery question.

the erudites of white c., blue collar scholars, 

PhD and salary minimalists have

beatitudes of bliss with butterfly

internets. use sketch-up

to recolor their mock-up houses.

each dream in bankruptcy will reuse

the same ladder tread of cash.

exhausted it has visions of

wealth; loved people and their news.

how to couverture chauffeuse?

with speed the graceful berries bob to the top.

an air bubble in the balanced alarm clock

is on the level. what else is plumb but plums?

a canopy lattice. floral is the old suburban way.

we love where we like.  the mind does

what it does but the feet must walk. the balcony-

ites are not excluded. the greatest movement is

of l'esprit. the jam of time is in the memory.

dilapidated, our loves and fears are brambly. 

how to couver the hood of my family?

Pearl Pirie



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