Vancouver Special Delivery 2

enough things we can do with beauty
to build a Lego-mobile, are these responsible
to Vancouver specific novels - how can they feed
a mortgage - how make a baby
a geodesic dome he sews in the work
party - and what can they not paint by  
numbness she reads from the fordery -
can special forces look like someone else's
single-family microwaves - you swear to  
the sophis cated race in front of  
the screen to save our stucco, save our BBQ
save our plate-glass nookies we'll be sans couvercle
in sheets and sugar-faces special K
connoisseur veneer reminiscent of interest
again and again and again

Meredith Quartermain



Amanda Earl


Meredith Quartermain's most recent book is Recipes from the Red Planet (BookThug
2010). Vancouver Walking won the BC Book Award for Poetry. Matter and Nightmarker, which appeared in 2008, have been described by the Dalhousie Review as "perhaps the two most noteworthy titles" in recent radical poetry, on the one hand as "prescient, daring," and on the other as "undoing the knot of human understanding."