Not failed attempts at beauty or stating. Yes is equivocal in this case
Unique answers to specific questions. Or the status quo is the status
How may I fit my family into the equation? Who will oblige my fit?
How will we make the mortgage? What deference is required to qualify?
How much land will be allotted, Land is excess, is comfort, no?
and to whom? What can't I afford? How wild do we have to get
How may we state the look to affirm this design process?
of elsewhere? How can I make myself less The "I" of the tangible space
abstracted? In the house but not of it. always in relation to chairs vs. bar stools
Grace of a front lawn, stucco sophisticate. The "I" spent more time considering
All that glitters stuck in the surface. a shoe purchase than this house
Sheet shocks sense into reflection. with its multiple purchase offers
Wood sliced into beam better becomes so sticker shock is relative
the forest. Can't see the trees for the city. to how quickly things change
Could you move to the east? A little further? gaze afar to see who's on top now

Jacqueline Turner




Kirsten Kaschock

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Jacqueline Turner is a Vancouver-based poet who has published three books with ECW Press: Seven into Even (2006), Careful (2003), and Into the Fold (2000). She writes poetry reviews for The Georgia Straight, and is on the board of directors of the Vancouver gallery Artspeak. She teaches creative and critical writing at Simon Fraser University and Emily Carr University of Art + Design and has travelled to teach in First Nations communities in British Columbia.