Status More or Less

Not failed attempts at beauty or stating. Yes is equivocal in this case
and so much life in those blinds shielding the afternoon glare of the sun
Unique answers to specific questions. Or the status quo is the status,
my status, my look on the block, my contribution to property values
How may I fit my family into the equation? Who will oblige my fit?
They pretty much have to love it, though some rebellion occurs.
How will we make the mortgage? What deference is required to qualify?
Can I just avoid this question altogether, not to be impolite.
How much land will be allotted, Land is excess, is comfort, no?
Land is everything, but in this case, it looks pretty standard.
and to whom? What can't I afford? How wild do we have to get
is exactly the point.  Concrete slabs to the recycling!
How may we state the look to affirm this design process?
Aw fuggeddaboutit, or to put it nicely, defer in the interest of time.
of elsewhere? How can I make myself less The "I" of the tangible space
is a me, me, me, but is there a view?  Anything "there there?"
abstracted? In the house but not of it. always in relation to chairs vs. bar stools
or really, the windows and doors of these great inventions called rooms.
Grace of a front lawn, stucco sophisticate. The "I" spent more time considering
taking out the gnome.  Laughs.  Wild is not weeds.
All that glitters stuck in the surface. a shoe purchase than this house
Yeah, but can you live in a shoe? That would be a renovation.
Sheet shocks sense into reflection. with its multiple purchase offers
Ah silly me, dreamer, dreamer, dream on.
Wood sliced into beam better becomes so sticker shock is relative
real estate porn, building sex with no climax.
the forest. Can't see the trees for the city. to how quickly things change
how irrecocably and we know the direction
Could you move to the east? A little further? gaze afar to see who's on top now
Ooh, what I've been talking about all along, but wow, didn't think of it this way




A free and clear owner of a post-WWII frame house built well before the big boom 25 miles out in what was then country.