Vancouver special

Vancouver Special

Yes, successful attempts at ugliness. Common quests are for common ants. Is it more important to fit than to glitter? While we consider exteriors, the navel regards the nubs of the near vertebrae. Can I dislodge my fellows from inequity? From silences? How will we rent asunder the rent?

New little saplings won't be uncharted. And for what? It's we who dream of cabins. That's not borne in the acorn. What can we afford?

How can I make us naked as hills? We're free, outside the apartments, and yes of them. In a chain ganglia.

Gangliness of a small patio. Concrete stones, baby. Nothing dull is freed from beneath except ants. Vinyl siding soothes nonsense into absorption.

Its PVC has high incidence of respiratory problems, liver and kidney failure among people who work in or live near factories where the vinyl is produced. House fires release toxic fumes but fires never happen

To us. Metal stacked into floor joists are no worse. What undoes the city. Can you see the houses, the forest, the rants? Could you move to the West? And a little left?

Pearl Pirie



Jónína Kirton


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