Vancouver Special #2 (with sauce)

Beautiful cream attempts at enough ice

chest failure  into the piled pails to fill

dates. Either the question marked freezer our

piracy twisting  or I, and my palates, wage  our

stomach burlap over turn my top, a sack into the  

lean-to.  Asks a hungry why line, "He can't

condominium elsewhere?"  A selfish look

"Are a where?" asks the rawest meats,  

canning hesitates graceful before bunker

space.  A hearty public fluorescence either is  

wormhole or of a public wood. it is in the form.

Development is either theft palmed or it is a card.

the obvious sun found out  I carved it when too

grandparents sprawl. The I that my remember

phones were where the party lived on a line .

Laurie Fuhr



Laurie Fuhr lives in Calgary where she is an editor with filling Station. Her poetry has been published in periodicals and anthologies all over, most recently Caffe Beano Anthology #2 (b house publications) and Wax Magazine. She enjoys Chinese food after last call in that place where the special tea is actually beer in a teapot. (Do they do that in Vancouver?). Visit